Monthly Archives: May 2009

Credit Cards: The New Rules

Consumers cheer. Banks complain. With the stroke of a pen on May 22, President Obama authorized major changes to the way American credit card issuers do business. In the President's view, these are "common-sense reforms designed to protect consumers."1 Consumer advocates are rejoicing, but banks are already contending that the reforms might be bad for…
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Results Of The Stress Tests

Which banks did well? Which didn't? The worst-kept secret in Washington goes public. Federal regulators have now released their "stress test" evaluations of America's 19 largest banks. So how many of the 19 thrifts are adequately capitalized? Which banks will be directed to boost their capital, and where might that capital come from? Information has…
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Taxes In The Obama Time

How might things change? In February, President Barack Obama rolled out his plan for the federal budget - a budget created with the vision of aiding the middle class and making health insurance available to more Americans. Since his campaign, he has also repeatedly vowed that taxes will not go up for families making less…
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