Monthly Archives: August 2010

Are You In The Donut Hole

Hitting the Donut Hole The donut hole, or coverage gap, is one of the most controversial parts of the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit and of concern to many people who have joined a Part D drug plan. Although all prescription drug plans must explain the coverage gap in their literature and advertising, the…
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Weekly Economic Update – 8/16/2010

August 16, 2010 GOOD NEWS: INFLATION IS BACK The Consumer Price Index rose 0.3% for July – the largest monthly increase since August. The Labor Department’s report quelled deflation worries among economists and investors who feared the CPI would go negative for a fourth straight month. Energy prices rose 2.6% in July, while core CPI…
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Will Bush Era Tax-Cuts Be Saved?

What might happen if they went away? The debate is gaining volume. In July, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that very few taxpayers would be affected if the landmark tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 expired. “I do not believe it will affect growth,” he calmly commented on ABC’s This Week.1 Many legislators and observers…
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