Monthly Archives: April 2011

Little Know Tax Breaks

Some of these may provide big savings. The Internal Revenue Code is around 700 pages thick – not as long as War and Peace or Remembrance of Things Past, but much drier reading. However, some very nice tax breaks may be found within its pages and amendments. Not all are well-known. Reducing America’s debt. If…
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Monthly Economic Update – March 2011

THE MONTH IN BRIEF As a call for democracy spread across the Middle East in February, U.S. stocks posted a nice advance, responding more to earnings reports and domestic economic indicators than headlines from abroad. Historically, this February was a pleasant anomaly; the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 all registered monthly gains of 2.8% or…
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Men Vs. Women

This is a short post that I thought you'd enjoy.  It has very little to do with money, finances, or insurance. My wife and I are re-doing a few parts of our house, picking out paint, carpet, lighting, furniture, etc.  So far, we have pretty much agreed on everything (ie, i have gone along with…
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