Monthly Archives: May 2011

A Closer Look At Gold

Amid all the hype and euphoria, some history is worth remembering. America’s got gold fever. Internet headlines inform you that gold settled at another record close today. Nightly news segments show you footage of excited sellers and beaming commodities traders. Radio commercials remind you that gold has outperformed stocks in the last decade. How should…
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S & P Cuts US Outlook

The credit rating agency sends up a flare and hopes for action on Capitol Hill. Pessimism over America’s ability to reduce its deficit. When one of the world’s premier credit rating agencies issues a warning for America, global stock markets dip. On April 18, Standard & Poor’s announced that its rating outlook for the United…
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More Audits For The Wealthy

The IRS has nearly doubled its examinations of returns from the richest taxpayers. IRS audits are up nearly 8% for the wealthiest Americans. This spring, the Internal Revenue Service released the 2010 IRS Data Book. Journalists and tax professionals looked inside and noticed a couple of eyebrow-raising statistics: The IRS audited 18.4% of 2010 tax…
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