Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Landmark Mortgage Settlement

What kind of relief will it offer? Big news, but will it make a big difference? On February 9, the Justice Department announced it had struck a settlement approaching $26 billion with the major U.S. mortgage servicers. This is the biggest multistate settlement of any kind since the Big Tobacco payout of 1998, with five…
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Are People Really Retiring Later?

A noted economist disputes that generalization. True or false? You may have heard this claim before (or something like it): “Many Americans are being forced to retire later because their savings and investments took a hit in the Great Recession.” Recently, a big-name economist disputed that belief. In a commentary for Bloomberg, former White House…
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GDP Improves, Yet Disappoints

The economy grew 2.8% in Q4, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Our economy is reasonably healthy… or is it? By the initial estimate of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, America’s fourth-quarter GDP was +2.8%, not bad, but not what economists anticipated.1 How could the best GDP in six quarters be interpreted as a…
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