Monthly Archives: September 2013

What If America Shatters Its Debt Ceiling

The global economic consequences could be severe.                           In October, America may risk running out of cash. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew recently urged Congress to lift the federal debt limit before October 17. Secretary Lew claims that if nothing is done by that date, the Treasury will have only about $30 billion in available…
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Cash Flow Management

An underappreciated fundamental in financial planning.                       You’ve probably heard the saying that “cash is king,” and whether you own a business or not, it is a truth that applies. Most discussions of business and personal “financial planning” involve tomorrow’s goals, but those goals may not be realized without attention to cash flow today. Management…
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Could Pension Reform Rile Investment Funds?

If implemented, privatization may have significant side effects.                        On Capitol Hill and elsewhere, voices are calling for a major shift in public pension plan management – a shift toward privatization. Underfunding of public pensions is all too common. The bankruptcies of Detroit, Stockton and San Bernardino have certainly cast light on the pension funding…
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