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Online Baking w/ ALLY Bank

Brick and mortar banks have to pay for their extra overhead (buildings, additional employees, rent) and that cost comes back to you in fees and low interest rate returns. ALLY Bank is FDIC insured and offers 1.05% per year on their savings account. What does your bank offer you?

How Clients Choose Us

Here's a short video on how we help potential clients choose the right financial advisor (hint: We're not always the right fit!) But the process we use may help determine what type of financial advisor you need, how you should pay and be charged fees, and what services you should be receiving for those fees.…
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Our March 2017 Newsletter Is Out!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We will be mailing our newsletter by March 10th, but you can get a sneak peek of it by clicking below. If you'd like to get on the mailing list (where you get the entire newsletter, all the inserts, and our monthly contest page), just click here. Enjoy this month's edition…
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Why DIY Investment Management Is Such a Risk

  Paying attention to the wrong things becomes all too easy.   If you ever have the inkling to manage your investments on your own, that inkling is worth reconsidering. Do-it-yourself investment management can be a bad idea for the retail investor for myriad reasons. Getting caught up in the moment. When you are watching…
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Weekly Economic Update – September 28, 2015

A BIT MORE OPTIMISM AS SEPTEMBER ENDS The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index advanced slightly in the past couple of weeks, rising to a final September mark of 87.2 from its initial reading of 85.7. Regardless, this was the index’s poorest final monthly reading since October 2014. It did surpass the expectations of analysts…
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Planning For Retirement When You Are Single

  If you aren’t married, you should consider these potential expenses & needs.   How does retirement planning differ for single people? At a glance, there would seem to be no difference in the retirement saving effort of an individual versus the retirement saving effort of a couple: start early, save consistently, and use vehicles…
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Weekly Economic Update – September 21, 2015

FED POSTPONES RATE MOVE, SIGNALS ONE SOON The September interest rate hike Wall Street had long anticipated did not occur, as the Federal Open Market Committee voted 9-1 against raising the federal funds rate Thursday. In their September 17 policy statement, Federal Reserve officials noted that recent “global economic and financial developments” had “somewhat” impeded…
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The Fed Decides To Wait

  In a tough time for equities, it elects not to roil the markets.   On Thursday, the Federal Reserve postponed raising short-term interest rates. Citing “global economic and financial developments” that could “somewhat” impair economic progress and lessen inflation pressure, the Federal Open Market Committee voted 9-1 against a rate hike, with Richmond Fed…
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