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Real Look Autism with Mary Beth Marsden

The Special Needs Connection

Mary Beth Marsden:

"Who am I? Well, I guess the most relevant fact is that I have a daughter with an ASD. She was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD) when she was 3 years old. During that time, and for more than 20 years, I was a local television news anchor/reporter at WMAR-TV in Baltimore. If you want to check it out…You can find my YouTube Channel. Now, I’m basically producing stories in very much the same way as any broadcast news organization…Except these stories are all about wonderful kids who have Autism. I like to call them “SPECtacular Kids” on the spectrum!

Real Look Autism is, first and foremost, a visual resource. RLA will be funded through sponsorships and contributions. We are not directly fundraising or selling a particular product. Real Look Autism is a non-profit organization and we are open to many avenues of support.

Please contact us at and sign up for our e-mails…that way you’ll know when we post a new video. We look forward to your comments and mostly look forward to hearing your stories. Real Look Autism-growing up on the spectrum…you tell us something that’s working for you…and we’ll show everyone else."

Getting Out of Credit Card Debt / Budgeting

This video is for anyone who overspends using their credit card. Getting out of credit card debt 💳 isn't easy. A few tips: be Selfish , Disciplined 😐 and Determined 😠 when it comes to your debt. Really buckle down 🗜️ and make some changes. It is just how you have to be for now. Make a schedule 📆 so you can see the light 🔦 at the end of the tunnel and know its not the train 🚂..

College Savings (529) Plans

College Savings (529) Plans 📚 🎓 - Start Investing Early!

The biggest benefit of using a College Savings 529 Plan is the tax-free growth which is why it is so important to start investing early. The combination of compounding and tax-free growth has your money 💲 working really hard for you. As long as you spend the money on qualified education expenses the withdrawals are not taxed. Below you can find the link that leads to the IRS' Q&A page for 529 Plans to get some more of your questions answered. If you have an additional questions just message me or comment below.