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Advocacy: Collaborating For Success with Rich Weinfeld

The Special Needs Connection Podcast

"Rich Weinfeld is the Director and Founder of Weinfeld Education Group, LLC, (WEG) a group of 50 educational consultants, psychologists, and a variety of other providers of related student services, dedicated to helping all students reach their potential."

Mr. Weinfeld describes the importance of collaboration between parent and school staff when planning for students with special needs; his online training program for parents and professionals who want to learn to be more effective advocates for student with special needs. He also discusses the yearly Diamonds in the Rough Conference that trains professionals and parents about interventions that work for these students. You are encouraged to visit his website, listed below, to learn more about all of these endeavors.

You Are Going To Die, So Let’s Talk About It with Jon Braddock (Podcast)

Caring for Aging Parents Podcast

Jon Braddock is an author, speaker and professional advisor/coach. After more than 30 years as a successful employee benefit and retirement planning consultant, his personal life experience led him to focus in a new direction – getting our digital lives in order.

You may reach Mr. Braddock at the website below or give him a call:


Phone: 1-844-369-4747